Monday, January 16, 2017

Diary: Update on Life

Well, I have my laptop charger back, so I'm back online!

Buuuut my plans for the near future have changed a bit...

My boyfriend went back to Japan to visit for 2 weeks and found out that he can't can't come back to America to finish his degree, or get a new visa. It's a long story that I don't really care to share here where everyone can read it. So, instead of waiting until he graduated to go to find a job and move to Japan, I'm looking for a job now, and want to move there asap.

I feel like from now until whatever amount of time it takes me to find a job and get everything worked out, my whole life is on hold.  I felt like that a little bit before, but now it's so much worse that my boyfriend isn't here with me. There are so many things I now have to do in such a short time, or longer, which I really hope isn't the case. I'm trying to see this as a blessing in disguise, as I can prepare to go to Japan sooner than expected, but I also have to do it alone. Well, I can't really say completely alone. If I didn't already know before, I do now, that I have so many amazing friends who care about me and are willing to help <3

Anyway, I'm anxious and unsure about everything now and have no idea where I'll be in the next month or few months and this uncertainty is horrible...I hope everything works out!  At least I've already graduated.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Diary: Some Updates!

Well, I recently went to visit my friend Emily who lives three hours away and stupidly left my laptop charger there...Takeru is in Japan for another week, I'm out of school, and most of my friends are out of town, so I just don't know what to do with myself.  I can't work on my blog, edit pictures, or even watch things online.  I'm writing this post on my phone for the first time ever, so if this post looks like a mess, that's why. Basically Pokémon Go has been all I've been doing XD It's no fun alone though. Guess I should try to clean and organize my closet so I get something productive done...

I have sooooo much stuff I need to post!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Diary: Graduation from WVU!!!

Hey, I did the thing!!!  I figured I should post about it on here too

I cut it close and didn't want to say anything or celebrate too soon, but my grades are in and I really did it!  These past few weeks were possibly the most stressful of my life

I'm kind of a horrible student.  I have trouble remembering what I need to do (and even remembering to look at what I wrote down to remember to do).  When I have a lot, I find it impossible to focus on each thing, and see it as one big ball of impossible, so I shut down and give up.  I was scared to even celebrate and had a hard time being excited about graduating

My mom

The photographer who took all of the pictures in this post, Kevin

Basically, this sums it up quite well:

I know that I can be smart and I have very good thoughts and ideas and I feel like I understand a lot about people, relationships, and life, but when I try to study something I find interesting, I just lose interest until I almost dislike it, and want to avoid it.  I wanted to be a fashion designer and go to grad school in Japan for it, but I absolutely dread the thought of more school, and I don't want to MAKE clothes, just design them. But I can't put my ideas well on paper because I'm not great at drawing, and don't really feel motivated or inspired enough to.  Also when I'm in school, I noticed I lost interest in a lot of things I used to do, but maybe that's just me changing? I used to doodle all the time, dress up more, play with fancy makeup and nail art, but I don't so much anymore.  I wonder if those interests will start to pick up again now that I'm out of school? Photography has become a strong interest, and modeling is one that wavers between strong and not so much.  I need to improve myself more for modeling. I'm ready to take it to the next level, instead of just freelance, not getting paid, just-for-fun stuff (though I'll still do some on the side because it's fun).  When I had long breaks in school or weekends, I found it hard to make myself get up and do much of anything unless it's doing something with friends. Maybe now I will want to and be able to again?


Anyway, now I feel like a huge weight has been lifted and like I'm finally free!  The plan for the next few months is find to a second job so I can save money for Japan, find a job in Japan, lose weight, like seriously cuz I ate my stress as sweets for the past few months, and so I can get into modeling for reals, get rid of lots of my stuff, and see all of my friends as often as possible since I couldn't during the combination of school/work every weekend, and do lots of blogging and photography!


Sunday, December 4, 2016

Review: Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips in Shimmery Bronze Nude

I had never tried Physician's Formula before, though I'm always admiring their cute packaging in CVS.  I finally couldn't resist with this super sparkly palette! Their stuff is a bit pricier than other drugstore brands, and I haven't seen many reviews of their products, but this mini palette has eye shadows that shimmer like the expensive ones I've seen in Sephora!


And here are some swatches in sunlight and indoors with flash

This has been my go-to palette since I got it!


Diary: Japanese Friends from Nagoya Visit!

This was actually right before Halloween...anyway, my friends from my share house adventures in Nagoya came to visit America!

They came mostly to see New York, but since WV is so close by, they stayed with me for a few days!  They made my time in Japan amazing, so I wanted to try my best to show them the best of Morgantown.  They also brought a bunch of snacks and stuff for me from Japan!

First we had a little welcome party, introduced them to some friends, and I showed them around WVU's campus, then they did some exploring by themselves. They said WVU's campus was like a movie XD

Of course I showed them some of my favorite food places.  I had class for part of the time, so they also went to eat at some other places that I recommended without me.  I took them to Chico's Fat, the Morgantown Brewing Company, and the Cupcakerie

I hope they had a lot of fun, and I look forward to seeing them again in Japan!


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Review: Wherelight Glasses

It seems that ordering cheaper prescription glasses online is becoming a big thing, which is super awesome! Way better than the usual one pair a year (or until they are so broken, they are impossible to be worn anymore) that costs hundreds of dollars. It's awesome to have different pairs of glasses for different outfits too.

 I've gotten and reviewed glasses from another similar website, Zenni, but everyone knows about Zenni now. I decided to try Wherelight because they are even cheaper than Zenni. I was a bit skeptical because when I looked up reviews, I couldn't really find anything except for one, hard to find, bad review so I gave it a shot and ordered 3 pairs of glasses.


Here they are! All the prescriptions were perfect and they fit well and comfortably.  I love Zenni, but it's nice to know there's another cheap option for cute glasses.  They all came with cases, lens wiping cloths, and one mini screwdriver key chain

I have been wanting to try a pair of round glasses for a while now!  I'm not sure if they suit me very well though...they're also my first pair of wire glasses, and I kind of already broke them slightly by bending them too far X( They open too wide on one side now, but it's not noticeable, just annoying for me.  I also wish they were a tiny bit bigger (meaning the circle part).  They're still really cute though!


Then some simple cat-eye glasses


And then these ones! They looked more orange at the bottom online than in person, but I guess that was because they were up against a white background there


Overall, I would definitely order from them again!


Friday, November 25, 2016

Review: Too Faced Melted Matte in Candy Cane

I've always loved how cute this brand is, but since it's a bit pricey, I've never owned anything from it until now!  I was so excited because I went into Sephora planning to get something from Too Faced (plus their lip plumper I'd been wanting for a while) and their limited edition holiday Melted Matte just happened to be there and the perfect reddish-pink shade for me! I got their Lip Injection lip plumper too, which I will also review.


As much as I would like to love matte lip products, my lips are just horribly dry and hate matte lipsticks. This one is definitely better than others I've tried, as long as I prep my lips well and use their plumper before.  It doesn't dry sticky and hard like other liquid lipsticks do, it has the texture of a regular matte, non-liquid lipstick when it dries.  I absolutely love the peppermint mocha scent!  In general I love how Too Faced adds fun scents to their makeup.  This lipstick also has a sweet flavor.  On the ingredients list, it has extract from the stevia plant, which is also used to make sweeteners, so I guess that's why! I love the little fun additions like the sweetness, scent, and cute packaging.


Also, I would like to add that this color matches my Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Bachelorette almost perfectly (yes I really do like this shade of pink on me XD)!  Slightly different textures though. The Kat Von D one lasts longer but is a bit more drying. Also I just love the scent of the Too Faced one XD