Saturday, September 21, 2013

Nagoya Tower

Went to the top of Nagoya Tower in Sakae last night and it was so beautiful! You can see the city for miles! It's amazing how big Japan is from the inside. It seems so much smaller than other countries, but it's such a large concentration of people and things!

Flowers in Sakae at night

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lens Review: Geo Angel Green

I've had these for a while and I got them from Also, I'm wearing Dolly Wink's Dolly Sweet eyelashes. Sorry makeup's kinda messy...I've been wearing it all day!


Without flash:

These ones only enlarge lightly and they were my second pair of circle lenses ever! I kind of wish I had gone with the bigger size, but wasn't sure if they would look good at first! They are very comfortable and look almost natural. Most people don't even notice that I'm wearing them. They are my second most natural looking pair.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Lens Review: Fairy Princess Blue

I got these at a cosmetics store in Harajuku (sorry, can't remember the name...)

They're really bright and comfy (so far, all circle lenses I've worn are way more comfortable than clear ones) and they work well on dark eyes. I've noticed that contacts that are lighter towards the middle tend to have a weird derpy effect on darker eyes, and these ones don't. They enlarge slightly which I also like.

With flash:
Without flash:

I really like these a lot! I want them in other colors.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Osu and Sakae

Yesterday I got to explore the fun downtown and shopping areas of Nagoya! Osu is like the shopping area for all of the alternative fashions (my faves) like lolita, fairy kei, dolly kei, gyaru and many, many more!

I've seen dresses like these online <3 OMG, there just aren't designs in the world as amazing as Japanese fashions! <3 Even the simple everyday wear is amazing!

Sakae at night

I'll add more pictures from Tokyo and little reviews and pictures of the cool things I've gotten so far once things settle down! <3

Friday, September 13, 2013

Exploring Nagoya - near the Kinjo Gakuin station

So I took a walk today and there's so many hidden beautiful places everywhere here! There was a really awesome Japanese cemetery, and all kinds of flowers, and old styled houses and new styled houses, and the little nearby river had little gardens with fruit and veggies and a cute little old man working on it, and all kinds of little stores, and the train that kept going by =] It's like a city and a suburb and the country and the past and the future all mixed together.

 Tokyo was amazing and I loved it, but now it really looks and feels like I'm in Japan, still, with access to the city. This area has a nice cozy homey feel to it. I can get used to it. Exploring Sakae (the downtown of Nagoya) a bit tomorrow!