Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trying on a Yukata for the first time!

Yesterday we had the first class of 2 about kimonos and yukatas. This one was supposed to be only about the parts of it and history, and the next one was going to be learning how to wear and trying on a yukata, but she wanted to show us what it looked like on I volunteered! Gahhhh it looked so good on, I want one so bad! <3 The teacher also had a furisode on a mannequin, and it was so pretty!

I'm a bird!

Gaahhh I felt so pretty! <3

All the pretty pieces <3

And of course our lovely sensei <3

Why is everything about Japan so beautiful?? <3

Halloween party post will be up most likely tomorrow! =D

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Shopping in Osu

Me and Emily had a fun little shopping/exploring day in Osu last weekend. We even found a cute little park to rest/eat lunch in!

Cute little fishies in the fountain

Don't blink....

Super cute kitty earrings I got!

Aaaand secondhand Liz Lisa shorts and glittery tights from Tutu Anna!

Kinjo Festival Part 3: Concerts!

Ahhh, I feel like I've been posting too much! Am I? There's just so many cool things going on and pictures that I want to share, and I'm still new to blogging, so I don't know how much is too much! Or is there such a thing? It's hard to space out posts when so many things are happening at once, and I don't wanna make it all into one huge post. Maybe I'm over thinking this...Idk. Any experienced bloggers out there wanna give me a few pointers? =D

Anyway, along with the Kinjo Princess pageant, there were also a bunch of really cool bands that played! They were amazing, and I even bought one of their cds, and had them autograph it!


I like how this pic focused on the glow stick



Hehe, cool lighting!

And, here are some more short Instagram videos!

And finally, a video from Youtube of the band I got the cd of called Xenonlight.

And that's the last post about the Kinjo festival! Tomorrow is our Halloween party, super excited about that!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kinjo Festival: Part 2, Princess Kinjo Beauty Pageant

OMGGG soo much cuteness and prettiness happened!! Only in Japan could a beauty pageant be filled with SO MUCH CUTENESS, the poofiest prettiest dresses ever, and adorable Japanese girls dancing to fun songs while wearing these dresses, aaand cute boys to escort them! It started out with each of the girls wearing huge white ballgowns and they were escorted on stage and each put on a cute little "wedding" performance with their escort.

Then came the cocktail dresses....I have been drooling over these Japanese designed ballgowns online for a while before coming to Japan, so seeing them in person was amazing!

First runner-up!

2013 Princess Kinjo!

Yay for short bad quality Instagram videos! Just a little taste of the dancing.

This was sooo cute, I loved it! Girly cuteness like this in America is super rare, and never in pageants <3 I definitely needed this, being the girly-girl that I am. I used to do beauty pageants when I was little, but I had such stage fright, and I didn't really like a lot of things about them, though the idea of getting all dressed up and showing off was fun. If they were all like this, I would definitely still be doing them! Thank you once again, Japan, for restoring my faith in the existence of girliness and cuteness!