Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Japan Bucket List! (10/23/13)

I worked on this list for about a year before actually coming to Japan.  I'm gonna post it here and add to it/cross out things as I go, so if you want, you can keep checking on it since it will keep changing =] Or maybe I'll just update and repost it...not sure which idea would work better, still new at this blogging thing!
I don't know if I'll be able to complete this list in just a year, but I'm sure I'll come to Japan again! Also, if you've been to Japan, or have suggestions of what I should do/buy/see, leave a comment and let me know!

__~♡❤Stores to Visit❤♡~__
Angelic Pretty
Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Innocent World 
Liz Lisa
Shibuya 109 
Laforet Harajuku
Takenoko Harajuku

__~♡❤Place to Visit❤♡~__
Nagoya Castle
Mt. Fuji
Ghibli Museum
Kanazawa 21st Century Museum (swimming pool)

__~♡❤Things to Do❤♡~__
Get fancy nail art done
See a Perfume concert
See a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert
Hatsune Miku concert
Really any concert
Wear Lolita
Have a photographer take a street snap of me in Harajuku
Go thrift shopping
Get a tattoo
See deer in Nara
Visit Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo
Go to a love hotel with my Jer <3
Ride the Shinkansen
Go to the World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya
Stay in a capsule hotel
Become fluent in Japanese

__~♡❤Things to Buy (in Japan)❤♡~__
 Lolita brand dresses (amount so far: 1)
Lolita dresses (so far: 4)
Cute leg wear and socks
Lots of bras and undies! (so far: 4 sets)
Circle lenses (so far: 1)
Liz Lisa clothes (so far: 6)
Magazines (so far: 3)

__~♡❤Food Related❤♡~__
Go to a maid cafe
Eat good sushi
Try Kobe beef
Try lots of candy
Legally drink alcohol at the age of 20!

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