Saturday, October 12, 2013

My growing Liz Lisa wardrobe (and obsession)

Ok, I think Liz Lisa so far is my favorite Japanese store/brand ever. It adds just enough bows, lace, pink brown and peach, and delicacy to everyday style! What I saw of Liz Lisa online did not do it any justice to how cute this brand's clothes really are! This is the Liz Lisa at Maruei in Sakae.

Aaaand this is my collection so far =] The first 2 things were bought at the Liz Lisa in Harajuku, the next 1 was bought at Kinji secondhand shop in Harajuku, and the rest were bought at an awesome secondhand store in Sakae.

These next few pix are from the Liz Lisa in Harajuku, early in the morning before it opened. Didn't get any after it opened cuz it was waaaay busy and most stores don't like it when you take pictures...

Btw, it smells soooo amazing in all the Liz Lisa stores, like spicy roses! <3

Oh, here's a picture of the bag!

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