Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Outfits!

Finally! These outfits are all from my time in Japan so far. Keep in mind, these aren't even anywhere near the amount of colorful clothes I actually brought with me! This is 1 bag's worth plus some new stuff I've gotten in Japan. Two of my bags are still in Tokyo, so this weekend when I get those, my wardrobe will be more than only pink, peach, brown, black, red, burgundy, tan, grey, and white. I do love those colors though <3 Very common in casual Japanese fashions right now so I'm fitting in quite well, but sometimes I need to stand out! This would all be waaayy too girly to fit into America's casual fashion (if you could even call casual wear in America fashion [Ewwww jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, pajama pants, and only skin tight boring skirts]). I like how everyday fashion in Japan is cuteness and prettiness, lace, bows, glitter, and girly, not sexy, boring, or skin tight like in America. Sorry, random little fashion rant.

Anyway, I'm usually so colorful and I need some more colors in my life! Here's what I've been wearing.

Sorry, I don't remember where a lot of my clothes are from since I usually buy them second hand or a long time ago, but I'll put what I do know!

First lolita brand purchase! Dress from Innocent World, blouse from ACDC in Harajuku

Shorts are Liz Lisa from Bookoff secondhand shop, leggings from The Look Virginia Beach

Dress is Liz Lisa from Bookoff, skirt is from Kinji in Harajuku, socks are from Harajuku

Skirt is from Kinji, leggings are from Gabriel's

Skirt is from Kinji, socks are from Harajuku

Skirt is from Kinji, socks from Harajuku

Shoes from Charlotte Russe

Dress from The Look Virginia Beach, tights from a Gyaru store in Osu

Top skirt layer is from H&M, bottom skirt is from Kinji

Dress from Plato's Closet in Virginia Beach, socks from Harajuku
Also, another little fashion rant. I hate how a lot of people are all about brands. Don't get me wrong, I like to find something amazing that I like and be able to say, "Hey, I really love this dress and I got it from (insert expensive designer brand here) for $300" but just getting brand for the sake of having brands and thinking that's the only way to be fashionable is wrong. You can buy second hand, cheaper clothes, make your own, or whatever you want, and as long as you have the skill to put it all together in a good outfit, you can be fashionable! Fashion isn't the clothes or the brand you have, but how you wear and style them!!


  1. I love your sense of style! Everything is unique and so fresh. UuU

  2. I like these. You should put these on your "Gretchen" FB modeling page. People ask me occasionally how you're doing and such... i have to read your blog to know. Chasity asked me, "what is lolita" because a lot of people around here have never heard of it. Also, Megan T. said she is down for shooting with you when you come back. And-- you should shoot with a photographer there sometime soon. Just some words of wisdom from your mother that you will probably ignore.