Monday, October 21, 2013

Nagoya Matsuri Weekend! (Part 2)

It was raining allll day today, but we still crammed the day with fun stuff! I do have a cold now, as a result of being with my sick Jer, and being out in the rain all weekend...but it was totally worth it! <3

Our very sweet teacher, Sowa sensei and his family first invited us over for breakfast, then took me and my friend Emily to a nearby elementary school to see them put on a performance for the gods of traditional fighting to celebrate the Omori festival (unfortunately it had to be indoors because of the rain. It was so cool to watch!), and then to Nagoya Castle, then finally, we had dinner with them at their house.

Teehee, smiling for the camera

________________Nagoya Castle________________

I actually like the raining misty look

Hehe, they were cute =3

Real gold leaf was used in these paintings!

So many steps to the top of the tower!

View from the top <3

They had the cutest puppy!
Aaaand here's some food porn!

Making onigiri


It was so interesting how these seemingly westernish foods had flavors that you wouldn't normally think to pair together, yet it was all so good!

Different flavored kawaii chocolate!

I also got to try a persimmon for the first time, but I didn't get a picture.

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