Sunday, October 13, 2013

Shopping trip in Sakae and Osu!

Me and Emily went on a shopping trip in Sakae, and we went to this amazing, huge secondhand shop called Book Off! Thrift shopping in Japan has to be the best place/way to shop ever!

Look at all the skirts!! <3
We also went to the Nagoya Pokemon Center, on a release day!

Wearing my Innocent World dress, AKA my first lolita brand purchase ever =]

Of course I had to get myself a little something for the memories!

...aaand it's only for sale in Japan! =D
And here are some of the stores we shopped/window shopped at

We met a cute, friendly lolita on the way. Ignore the derp-face, I didn't know I was supposed to be in this picture. But, gahh this girl is so cute! XD

OMG at the new Disney dresses on display. I wanna cry at the prices

Then, we found this really cute little burger place called Freshness Burger on the way to Osu!

We both wore lolita =]

They were actually really good!
And I got my costume! Here's a little sneak peek ;] I got it at Bodyline.

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  1. You look a LOT like young pictures of Nana in that top pic by Pikachu.