Saturday, October 5, 2013

Update on my life

Gahhhh, I'm so horrible at keeping up with this!! I feel like if my blog was more popular, this would be way easier...anyway, things have settled down for me, and I've been kind of low on money, so not a whole lot of new pictures or explorations or things. I did go to karaoke last weekend, and it was AMAZING!! I was surprised that we didn't get carded for drinks though...I was so excited because I'm 20 which is Japan's drinking age, (America's is 21) to show my id and be like "Yeah. I'm old enough and I can prove it!", buuut I guess I'll have to wait for that moment to happen in a year when I'm 21 and back in America...

Also last week, I did go window shopping with my new Japanese friend Mizuki (she's super cute and has pink in her hair like me, which is why we became friends right away XD) in Sakae and Osu, and we went to Maruei and another store called Nova (I think)...anyway, Nova had a whole floor dedicated to lolita and alternative fashion so I was of course in heaven and sad at the same time because I was too poor. At least I know where to go when I do have money though! I also found Dakota Rose on the advertisement for the purikura that we went and did =] We went to Milk and I got their little look book with Dakota in it <3 I was so excited when I recognized it was her.

Oh, I also got to go to a high school festival last week! It was so cool, all the high school girls were calling me kawaii, and asking to take pictures of me like I was a celebrity! XD My school has a festival coming up in a few weeks, and I'll be modeling in the fashion club's fashion show! =D I was a bit scared about joining the club because my Japanese is still really bad, but it actually went well. I managed to speak and understand a bit, and my years of being in beauty pageants actually helped me with learning the walk easily.

These next pictures are from my calligraphy class. The first one was done by me, but the other was definitely not!

That's my last name by the way =]

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