Saturday, November 2, 2013

Adventures from Today

Today, I went on a window shopping trip to Sakae, mostly in Sakae station. 

My favorite place to buy tights

I got a whole bunch of pictures of the store Swimmer. Sooo many cute things and accessories, and they're a lot cheaper here!

Gahh I want the kitty skirt <3

Kitty tights! <3

We ended up running into a world food fair thingy. There's always something cool going on in Sakae =]

There was a bird guy who had an owl and a falcon, and I got to pet it! <3

We went to the Book-off secondhand shop, and I finally got some pictures inside it! They have a whole little Liz Lisa section. I found these super adorable Liz Lisa shoes, but I'm unfortunately too poor at the moment for them =[ They were a slight bit tight on me anyway. Sorry, I took so many pictures of them, they're so pretty!

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