Saturday, November 23, 2013

Elementary School Visit, Japanese Children's Games, and Other Stuff

Today me and the other foreign exchange students took a second trip to the elementary school! We got to play some traditional Japanese games like daruma otoshi, origami (paper folding), kendama (ball in cup-ish game), shogi (Japanese chess), and calligraphy. The kids made them all look so easy! I wish I could keep all their cute faces showing, but the internet is a horrible scary place, so I covered their faces to be safe.

First is daruma otoshi. I was actually kind of good at this game! This one was the one that I was most excited to try.

That's me failing

I did it!!!
They were all so interested in the fact that I could write in Japanese.

I also tried this plate spinning game....WAY harder than this kid made it look!

That's my "Oh god, I hope I didn't hit any children with it" face

There's even a Japanese version of chess called shogi.

And they made me some origami =]

And here's kendama, which I didn't try

The children put on these robe things and serve lunch to their classmates, and they all clean the school themselves instead of having janitors.

The head of the school gave us all little gift certificates to a bookstore =]

Here's just some random pictures of pretty plants I saw on the walk back.

And here's just some stuff from my life too little for its own blog post. We had an art class this week. I think I did super well, but we ran out of time :[ Actually, more like I got too much into it and ran out of time.....but those birds turned out amazing! I can't not take art seriously. Second pic is my version.

One of our teachers always brings us little treats to class =] Did you know that 11/11 is Pocky day? XD I'm just learning all the things!

These are some pictures taken with an Instax camera by one of our Japanese friends, and the last pic is from when my Chinese roommate made me dinner =] She does that randomly sometimes; she's so sweet! I made her chocolate pancakes in return.

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