Friday, November 8, 2013

Inspiring pretty people #1

I'm going to try to make this a post I do every once in a while! Also, these are in no particular order.


1. Audrey Kitching.

She's like the awesome colorful version of Barbie! Her style and hair have been inspirations of mine for a while.


2. Dakota Rose

She is doing like exactly what I wish I could do. She went to Japan to be a model ♡ Maybe one of these days!
And for all the people who hate on her, I don't really care about whether or not she uses a lot of photoshop on her pix, and makeup, and I can't seem to figure out why everyone else does......either way, she's super pretty ♡


 3. Kato

She is absolutely perfect and has been an inspiration and my favorite model for a while now ♡ I would absolutely love to do a Steam Girl shoot with her someday!! ♡
Here's links to her FB, Tumblr, clothing line, and portfolio


4. Lights


She is my absolute favorite singer, which is saying a lot because it's very rare that I like a lot of songs from one person/band! ♡ There's only a handful of bands that I can say that I truly like almost all their music. Usually I just like a song or 2 from a bunch of different people. Also, the pic above this IS MY BOYFRIEND WITH LIGHTS BEFORE I KNEW HIM. SO MUCH JEALOUSY CUZ I WANNA SEE HER IN PERSON AND HEAR HER SING SOOOO BAD!

I think I'll end this one here for now, but this list is waaaayyy longer, and I will do more posts with more pretty people whenever I can! ♡


  1. I love Dakota Rose!!!! I always visit her Youtube for makeup tutorials! :D