Thursday, November 14, 2013

Lingerie in Japan

As I suspected before I had even seen them, bras and panties in Japan are adorable and girly, and covered in lace, glitter and all things pretty! ♡ And, they are actually made to fit smaller boobies (like mine) and almost always have a good amount of push-up, that's also removable. And even better, they are just as pretty (if not prettier) and as good quality as Victoria's Secret at less than Victoria's Secret's sale prices! I bought 4 so far, and 3 of them were about $10 each (set with bra and panties), and one was $20. There are more expensive ones also, but I still don't think I've seen any up in the Victoria's Secret range.

 These are the ones I have so far. Last 3 from Lock Your Hearts and I can't remember where I got the first one, but it was a store in Laforet Harajuku.

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