Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My Outfits!

This post is a bit late! Here's the next batch of the outfits I've been wearing lately! Keep your eyes out for posts also featuring some of my friend Emily's outfits! We like the same fashions, but have different styles. She's also a more experienced lolita! =] I'm going to try do more in depth mini photo shoots with mine and Emily's outfits when I have the time, but I won't be able to with every outfit, unfortunately!

Hair clip and jeans from Forever 21, shirt from Book Off, wing earrings from Claire's

Tights and bow from Claire's

Bow from Bodyline, skirt from Anna House

Shoes from Charlotte Russe

Dress from Vanity, shirt from Rue 21

Shorts are from Liz Lisa, shirt from Rue 21, socks from Tutu Anna

Hoodie jacket thing from Vanity
Dress from Innocent World, socks and tights from Tutu Anna, hair flower from Forever 21

*Same as above minus jacket* Shirt from Deb's
This outfit and Emily's fairy kei one from this day will have a better detail post coming up!

Shirt from Rue 21, shorts from Liz Lisa, tights from Tutu Anna

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