Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Outfits and Pictures of Kinjo

So many amazing pictures from today! The time of day made for some great lighting =] First is me and my outfit, next is Emily, then is a little tour of the campus of Kinjo Gakuin! I know, it's a bit late, but now all of you that are curious where I spend many hours of my day will get to see! Notice how green and unfall-like the leaves still are.....WHY CAN'T IT JUST BE COLD ALREADY. I always love when the seasons change....then I get bored of each season and want the next!

I feel like this song fits with this mood, kind of lighting, and time of day.

I regretted getting that close to that branch in the next picture......

And I can't post the next pic because, somehow for some unknown reason, and totally unnoticed by me or Emily when it was being taken,  I lifted up my skirt to my face when I was scared.......XD

Those little wormy things were right next to my face
I don't hate bugs, it's just when it's unknown and right by my face, and possibly bites, stings, or is poisonous, I might freak out a little.  I'm in a strange country that has giant killer hornets, what do you expect! >_<

Love my kitty tights <3

Liz Lisa <3

We found these cool lacy looking leaves

Lovely Baby the Stars Shine Bright skirt.


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