Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Review: Etude House

I've been waiting to try Etude House for so long! I've seen so many good things about it online, and I've tried a lip gloss from them back in high school from my Thai friend, and ever since I've wanted to try more!  The Dear Darling lip tint is an amazing lip stain! Best I've tried yet. It smells like grapes and tastes sweet, and it really does stain! When you put it on, it stays. The only downside is it tends to pool in the center of my lips if I don't put a lot on and it looks might be because my lips don't work for that really pretty Korean "blooming gradient" lip thing. Mine are too dry and wrinklyish.. Not really wrinkly, but there are cracks where color tends to pool. >_<
Sooo I have to put a lot on to make sure that doesn't happen. It does get dry and a bit sticky as every lip stain does, but it's not as bad as others! A bit of lip gloss on top solves all of that. I accidentally bought the Real Red the first time I went, when I meant to buy the Berry Red, so now I have both. They look exactly the same in the tube, but waaayyy different on lips! Nothing against the Real Red, but I wanted a more fallish color. They're both super pretty and I want all of them! And they were super cheap too! Only 500 yen each (about $5). I also signed up for the points card and got a whole bunch of free samples.

These are just a bunch of random things I tried on my hands in the store.

The bag!

Points card.

I only bought the 2 lip tints; all the rest are the free samples

I tell them apart by the one with the glue is Berry while the other one is Real Red

Here you can definitely tell which is which.

This first one is Real Red. Applied without lip gloss on bare lips

And this one is Berry. Applied without lip gloss on bare lips

And I just put this pic on cuz I think it's the first one I've put on here that actually shows my real eye color.

And this is what happens to me if I rub my lips together before it dries, don't put enough on or try to wipe it off. It only stains this random part of my lips and it makes it look like my lips are bleeding or something, which is why I can't do that pretty gradient thing.


  1. I like the Real Red than Berry. >.<

    1. I don't dislike the Real Red, it's just that I already have red lipstick and I wanted a new darker color for fall. I love them both and want to get the other 2 colors too =]