Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Shopping and Takayama

I didn't rest this weekend! Friday November 8th, I went shopping with Emily in Osu. Well, more like I was window shopping and taking pictures, while Emily was shopping. After that, we went to an Australian pub/restaurant called Red Rock recommended by one of the English teachers at our school. Sorry, I meant to post this all sooner, but there are so many pictures, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to make it one huge post, but I think I will.

My outfit! Very fairy kei.

I decided the wig was a bit too much, especially since we were going out to eat later.

Anna Sui! I want to get some of the makeup from here when I have money! Everything smells like roses!

Here's some of the lip gloss I tried from there.

Bunny cafe!! Where you eat......and pet bunnies? Not eat bunnies!

I want the kitty earmuffs!!! <3

Pullip doll! I've been wanting one for a while, but they're so expensive!  たかいね!

New Angelic Pretty skirt that I saw at Angelic pretty for a waaayy higher price is at Violet Blue for cheaper!! Too bad cheaper doesn't help when you don't have the money =[

Maid cafe in Osu! I also got a video of her cute dance =]

Red Rock

Yay for legally being allowed to consume alcohol at 20! Rum and Coke

My White Russian =]

We ran into a little puppet show in Osu.

And some more pictures of Osu cuz it's so pretty!

November 9, 2013 we went to Takayama. Takayama was soooo pretty! It actually looked like fall there (in Nagoya, the leaves have JUST started changing a little, and it's just started getting cold) and some of the mountains were so tall we could see snow on them! A lot of people home in WV said that these pics look like they were of WV's mountains, but as far as I've seen, there aren't any in WV tall enough to have snow on them! Still, I think I've forgotten how pretty the mountains in the fall in WV are, and that's one reason I thought they were so pretty here. When I get back to America, I can't wait to blog about all the things there! I wish I had started this blog sooner...

See the snowy topped mountain!

This could be a postcard!

Then we got to explore the Furui Machi (old town)

For me and my Jer <3

We also got to make our own rice crackers!

November 10th, I accompanied Emily to a tea ceremony and flower arranging thing at an orchid garden in Sakae. Orchids are my favorite flowers <3 I got a little brief lesson on how to do a tea ceremony. Sorry, these are all cell phone pictures! It was raining and I didn't want to carry my heavy camera.

hmmm, there's something interesting about this BIG statue.....

I finally found Etude House!! Here's my hand covered in everything I could fit on it

Some more pix of Swimmer

Etude House's Dear Darling Berry Red tint. I wanted to buy this one, cuz I tested it in the store and liked it, but I accidentally bought the Real Red cuz they looked so similar =[ I really wanted the nice fall berry color.....oh well, it's an excuse to buy more! I'll do a proper review of it eventually. I also got a bunch of little free samples!

This is the color I bought, Real Red

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