Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Recent Adventures

Finally on Christmas break!! Sorry, I haven't been updating a lot lately, but my schedule just kept getting busier until break finally started, and now I'm just sitting around watching anime! I have a whole lot of new things to post about though!

Me, Emily, and Justin went and did Christmas costume purikura, and explored more of Osu! They had other costumes to choose from too, like maid costumes and cosplay costumes.

We also explored some more stores around Osu.

And we ate at the Japanese version of Denny's. Nothing like American Denny's, but still very good! I had a fried burger patty with cheese, curry sauce, and rice, melon soda, and pancakes for dessert.

And some other stuff. I finally found some blonde hair dye, and a bunch of cute bags at a department store.

My friend Mako let my try on her furisode and yukata =D She also made very yummy food! That was such a fun night! I hope we hang out again soon <3

I've also been watching Mermaid Melody. I love it, it's so cute! I love Kaito and Lucia's relationship <3 I've just gotten to the second season and it's so sad! I can almost feel Lucia's pain in every episode. I hope her situation gets better so I can stop being sad after watching/wanna keep watching till 5am! >_<

I always fall so much in love with magical girl animes! >_< ♡ Does anyone have any suggestions of other magical girl animes for me when I'm sad and lonely because Mermaid Melody is over? Here's some of my favorite songs from it so far.

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