Monday, December 9, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend

This was such an amazing weekend!! These are all cell phone pix cuz I knew I would be out and about quite a bit and I didn't wanna carry my camera all around or risk losing/breaking it, plus it's a bit bulky and slower at taking pix than my phone is. Plus, my phone actually takes really good pictures for a phone. Sorry this is a bit late, I've been feeling kinda meh about things for a while. I just need a break....luckily Christmas break is soon! We're actually having a potluck party on the 17th, and I'm gonna make eggnog :]


Friday, November 29th

Me and Emily waited until this day to watch the Doctor who 50th so we could watch it with my friend who's also from WVU and studying at Aichi Shukutoku University. It was exciting to see some of the school that Jer spent his time when he studied abroad, and even meet one of his friends :) Doctor Who was amazing as usual <3 I love how the possibilities are endless for that show. Like, you can make guesses, but there could be so many completely different and ridiculous outcomes that can somehow work in the end. It's impossible to guess exactly what will happen next because anything is possible.

Anyway, after that, (we lost track of time and missed the last train, soooo we planned to just stay out all night and I needed to be in Sakae early in the morning to meet Jer anyway) we were gonna go to a club called I.D. with some people, but it ended up just being me and 2 others, so we went to a place called Gens 2nd (I think) in Sakae. I finally got to use my id to get in somewhere! XD There were a bunch of other foreigners there, and 2 really pretty drag queens in awesome costumes, and before we left, me and Emily got pulled up to dance on stage!! I wish I had pictures of that! After a few hours of dancing, We left to do karaoke till morning! At about 4am though, they both fell asleep, and I couldn't sleep, so I just waited until about 5:30.

Pretty shiny wallpaper at the karaoke place. They're always so pretty inside!


Saturday November 30th

Soooo I met up with Jer after he got to Nagoya at about 6 am, and since we hadn't seen each other for longer than a month, and he was going to be staying with friends, we decided to try a love hotel <3 =] OMG, it was soooo pretty and so much fun!! It was very private; you don't have to deal with people at all. It was so romantic <3 Seriously, if you're ever in Japan with a significant other, you must do this! We got one of the cheapest rooms (with room service and everything it came to about 8000 yen and that was from 8am till 3pm. It was either 3 hours or until 3 for the same price and we got there really early). The room alone was 5900 yen. And they have all kinds of other fancy things and rooms available!

Hairdryer and straightener!

Everything you could possibly want to put on your face

Pretty wallpaper

More pretty wallpaper

This little vending machine thing had vibrators, lube, and cigarettes!

The bathtub even had a little light in in

Too many fancy toilets in Japan! It's scary when your toilet lid opens by itself, and sometimes makes noises. And the warm toilet seats feel like someone was just sitting on it >_< It's better than a freezing cold seat though

Control thing for all of the lights, and chargers for all kinds of devices, and you could play your own music over the speakers!

They even had karaoke!

Thingy that you put your payment in when you're ready to leave

Little computer area in the lobby

Where you pick your room. And there's a phone if you need help, so you don't deal with people

Then after that, we went over to Jer's old place and made Thanksgiving dinner together! It was amazing celebrating it with people from different countries who don't normally celebrate it. I made chicken, Jer made eggnog, and everyone helped with everything else. <3 Way better than the lonely chicken dinner I made myself on Thanksgiving! And I'll get to see my Jer on Christmas too, so I won't be lonely then either <3

Such a warm and happy Thanksgiving <3


  Sunday, December 1st

The first half of the day we just laid around and watched tv. Then we went to Kanayama for karaoke!

We actually randomly saw on TV earlier that day how they made these decorations!

I finally was able to give him the little matching key chain charm thingy I got in Takayama <3

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