Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Holidays: Christmas and New Years

Sorry, I've been super busy and lazy, and I have so much to post!! I'm going to have to break it up into more than one...My next post will be on New Years shopping and sales in Japan and fukubukuros, and stuff I've bought lately. Gotta finish these posts before I go to Tokyo in a few days! =D
Me and Emily did a bit of exploring a few days before Christmas.

 Such pretty dresses!! <3 Japan just does everything fashion perfectly.

On Christmas Eve, we all had a little Christmas party together =] It was so much fun, and I'm glad I had an opportunity to get to know some of the other exchange students better. We even had KFC for our chicken dinner as current Japanese tradition goes, and I made some eggnog again, since everyone liked it so much the first time I made it.

Also got to hang out with my Jer and friends a lot <3

New Year's Eve we went to Gens

My friend Kyoko took me and Jer to the Atsuta Jingu to do hatsumode (pray for the New Year).

So many people!

Me and Jer went to Higashiyama Koen/zoo, but we got there when it was almost ready to close so we didn't have a lot of time. After that, we went to the top of the Higashiyama Sky Tower.

This group randomly wanted pictures with me...I feel like a celebrity sometimes with all the random pictures people take of me! Or like I'm one of the zoo attractions...I like attention but sometimes it's a bit weird XD

Silver 500 yen coin! Usually they're gold

We also went to this really awesome izakaya =] I think it's called Nipachi and everything (almost) was 280 yen, even drinks.

You order your food using this little touch screen thingy!

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