Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Nagoya Port and Kanayama

It finally feels like spring!! =D I'm *still* working on my post from Tokyo/Saitama, mostly because there's a lot of writing involved, and I just can NOT write that much until I'm in the right mood. There are very few times when that happens, and when it does, since there's so much I need to write for that post, I only write a little but and then stop. Buuuut, I'm still gonna post smaller updates like this one so my blog can keep going!

Hehe, I creeped on this guy taking a picture of the other guy jumping XD Then I stole his idea!

I got really excited about seeing the ocean! =]

Look at all the different languages! I tried writing my name in the dust, but towards the end I couldn't reach...

Getting friendly with all the penguins!

...Perhaps a bit too friendly? XD

Penguin mailbox!

They had little pandas and elephants that you could ride around. I wish I had gotten a picture of the little girl who was staring at us all like we were nuts! XD

Next up, we got on the HUUUGE ferris wheel, and you could see for so far! I was a bit scared because I'm scared of ferris wheels, but this one wasn't so bad because it moved very slowly.

Trying not to look scared...

You can see the little spot that was covered by a cloud

Ewww does my voice always sound that annoying? =\
Next we rode the carousel! 

Yay flowers!

After Nagoya Port, we went to a British Pub in Kanayama!

The drinks were so pretty!

And all the food was quite good


I got this little thingy where you open up a tiny oyster (Clam? Some shelled sea creature) And there's a little pearl inside! I remember seeing one of these many years ago and I really wanted it, but it was like $20, where this one was only about $5!

Then we went to a different Bookoff near Kanayama, and I found all of the Tokyo Mew Mew books in Japanese for about 100 yen ($1) each, except for the first one.

I'm also going to start (since I finally figured out how to with my camera) taking a lot of little videos so that I can make a huge video thing about all of my time in Japan at the end. Not sure how to yet though. I used to play with Windows Movie Maker many years ago, so maybe I'll remember how. If anyone who reads this has any other video editing thingy to recommend, please do!

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