Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cat Cafe, Osu Trip, and Hanging with friends

So many things I need to post!! 

My hair is now pink and orange =] I think my soul was becoming sad because I didn't have colorful hair for a while...better now!


I went to my first maid cafe called Maidreamin! Next on the list is a cat cafe with Belinda ( <--Link to her blog) and Emily where you can eat and pet kitties <3 Edit: Not EAT kitties, eat food and pet kitties...

Cat cafe!

I wore cat ears and a whole kitty inspired outfit in the hopes they would accept me as one of their own...as you can see, it didn't go quite as planned =[
This little guy was pretty chill till he got bored of us.

This chocolate cake was warm with chocolate goo inside and sooooo good!
How to become instantly popular with the kitties - food.

And now for all of the kitties!

Marshmallow kitty!

And I was able to catch a few videos too!


I went to a festival in Osu with some of my friends, then later to an izakaya. 


I've been collecting up so much purikura!

Sooo, next will be a post from my Tokyo adventures and a huuuuge overdue post of all my amazing shopping finds since New Years! <3

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