Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New Kinjo Gakuin Students- Orientation, Bowling, and Sakae

This is all from a few weeks ago, and I still have a few more posts lined up!  I'm also working on a post with names and information along with pictures I've taken of flowers in Nagoya, mostly because I love flowers and am curious as to what they are =]

First up is the bowling party! I failed super hard at bowling last time around, but this time I got 2nd place out of everyone!

Some of the new peeps and old peeps =]

And group pictures!

These are from one night when we all went to dinner together at ガスト (Gasto's I guess? Katakana is sometimes the hardest alphabet to figure out)

Possibly the night we took Chloe (fellow English speaker!) and claimed her as our own XD

This semester's welcome party! I did better than last semester where I barely talked to anyone...

Some adventures showing new people around Sakae. (These 2 pix borrowed from Panpan-chan!)

Oasis 21 at night.

Teehee, funny bad English XD

I'm just doing better at everything this semester. Bowling, making and hanging out with friends, being social, and even a little less nervous speaking Japanese to people!


  1. Hehe I have photos pretty much exactly the same as that! Brings back amazing memories. Enjoy your time there, I miss it so much!

    1. I really love this school, they're so good to us here! By the way, I told Mr. Taylor that you said hi, and he said to say hi back to you :)