Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring Sakura (and other flowers too)

Did you know that Aichi (the prefecture that I live in) is the number one flower prefecture in Japan? I learned that in my ikebana (flower arranging) class =] One thing that I really like about Japan is how much people appreciate nature's beauty. There are festivals dedicated to and crowds of people who go to parks during the seasons to see cherry blossoms, fall leaves, and even snow!

In the spring, one of the things you can find everywhere here are sakura flavored foods! I tried everything that I could get my hands on.

Try not to be too jealous, but this is where I go to school <3

And this is the street I live on

You know how in Japanese movies and animes, there's always those magical scenes with cherry blossoms falling in the wind, covering the ground like snow, and floating in streams? Yeah, it's really like that.  And they make the air smell slightly like cherries and vanilla!  One awesome thing about living in Japan is that places you see in animes and the background sounds, resemble places and things you actually see and hear here.

These next few pictures are all super nearby, and within 15 minute walking distance of where I live.

There are so many flowers, and this is only a tiny fraction of the pictures I took! I'll put some more in my upcoming post about pretty places all a short distance away from where I live. I'm trying to make my blog helpful for future Kinjo study abroad students, because I wasn't able to find that much info before I came!

These are from a really pretty river about a 5 minute walk from Mizuho Undojo Nishi station (瑞穂運動場西駅) (also near Mizuho Undojo Higashi station 瑞穂運動場東駅)

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