Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I Pet a Wolf on the Beach In Japan! Adventures at Shinmaiko Beach

Haha, I couldn't not call the blog post that XD How many people can say that? Even just one of those things alone is awesome!  This was the beach episode of our anime.  Anyway, I have about 4 blog posts just from this weekend alone, and still like 5 or more from a while ago, but I figure it doesn't really matter when I post them or what order, as long as I try to post at least 1 a week or every 2 weeks. This weekend has definitely been the most fun and tiring in a while! I was busy doing fun things nonstop. I hope the rest of my weekends can be filled with things since my time here is short! YOJO!! (You're Only in Japan Once)!! Don't hate me, I had to XD

Shinmaiko Beach is about 30 minutes from Nagoya station on the Meitetsu, and about 500 yen ($5) each way.  I want to go back a few more times!  It was such an amazing day.

Since you're all probably wondering, I guess I should start with the wolf. His name is Hannibal Lector, and apparently the guy got him in Texas. He was so beautiful!! I'm so used to Japanese people having tiny little cute doggies, then there's this big beautiful beast!

 And here's the beach!

From the bridge

The water was ridiculously freezing, like numb your whole body till it hurts cold. I hope it warms up!

On the side nearest the station, there were so many perfect seashells!

And there was the most perfect sunset

 Cute turtle statue that we all had to pose with...

 Then we had a selfie/photo shoot party in a little square patch of wildflowers by the ocean.  This is what it looked like from a distance...

And here's closer. Lots of poppies and cornflowers

Possibly the only good selfies I got XD

Belinda's parasol

Teehee, selfie-taking XD

Belinda looking like a flower, in a field of flowers 

After our beach adventures, we went to Nagoya station to get some tonkatsu at a really yummy place.

We were on the 13th floor, so we had a really pretty view


  1. The beach actually looks nice!
    Tokyo beaches e__e haha that's another story.
    Sucks that the water was so cold >< but you took lovely photos!
    I know what you mean of making most of your time in Japan,
    I'm also trying to do the same! 頑張ってね!

    1. Thank you <3 Yeah, it was pretty nice! I hope it's better when it gets warmer XD I can't believe my time here is almost up too!

  2. P.S. that wolf is gorgeous! Wolves are my favorite animal, I would have totally been happy to pet it >< lol

    1. I saw it from all the way across the beach and couldn't believe it! Of all the places to see a real live wolf! XD