Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Lolita Coords

A few pictures of mine and Emily's lolita outfits! I feel like I haven't posted too much about fashion lately, which is unacceptable!  I'm getting a bit better with lolita coords, even though my wardrobe still needs work XD As usual, Emily is my photographer and I'm hers.


We made use of our Japanese style tatami room in the common room of our dorm.

I saw someone somewhere used waist ties as a necktie, so I thought I'd give that a try. Ignore the horror that is my hair desperately needing colored XD

And  here's some Emily, who's outfits are perfect as usual <3

Still have a few posts lined up, hopefully I can get them done before I have even more to work on! There's been so many things going on and I figured it would be better to take advantage of all the things I can do in my last few months in Japan, then I can worry more about blog posts when I really don't have anything else to do, or even after I'm back in the US.  XD


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