Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dressing up Friends in Lolita!

Me and Emily decided to put our lolita wardrobes together, and dress our non-lolita friends up! Most of the outfits were put together by Emily.  Here are the results...

First of all, just a picture of all the prettiness! If you know me or have been following this blog long enough, you know which is Emily's half and which is mine XD (If you don't, mine's the half with a lot of pink and ruffly stuff! Also the slightly smaller half as I'm newer to lolita.)

Emily's side

My side

And then this dress of Emily's because it's pretty

Chloe! She is not allowed to say she doesn't do "cute" anymore

Belinda! I think we've made her fall in love with lolita =] First is a picture of just her face cuz her makeup was very pretty

Laura! Totally not her style at all so this was very interesting to see =] The first look is the closest to her style, the second one is the most ridiculously sweet thing we could come up with XD

Me! I picked very simple pieces from Emily's wardrobe to change it up a bit from my usual style. I've discovered that classic lolita is just not me and might never be XD It was fun to give it a try. I do love that purple Alice and the Pirates skirt though <3

And here are a few group pictures

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  1. that lolita collection is massive!! my favorite is the melty cream donuts, i love it :)