Monday, September 1, 2014

Back in America!

Well I've arrived back in West Virginia safely and started up school. I'm going to finally be able to post about some of the cool things I've been up to in Japan, like my trip to Okinawa, and my 14 hour layover in Korea which was amazing, and some other stuff I've been meaning to post, once my life settles down a bit.

For the future, I'm thinking about maybe doing some posts about WVU fashion, like WVU street fashion (if I can get over my shyness to ask to take people's pictures) and maybe some reviews of local shops and what-not. What do you guys think about these ideas? :) I'm going to be doing more photo shoots, and already have some planned. I feel like it's going to be easier and more comfortable to start getting more into my fashion, designing, and my blog now that I'm back and full of inspiration from Japan, but in a place where I'm comfortable and familiar. 

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