Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Japanese Fashion Photo Shoot with Yenra and Friends!

久しぶりです!♡ I finally had a bit of free time during fall break! Last weekend, me and some friends had a photo shoot with the amazing photographer Yenra, who I first shot with around the end of the summer last year before I went to Japan. We were both excited to finally get to do a shoot together, especially with all the amazing new additions to my wardrobe! =D

I'll start with a few close-up outfit pix from my first outfit! We forgot to get any for the other outfits though =P

Top and bottoms: Liz Lisa
Ring and Bracelet: Angelic Pretty

Next outfit!

Top: Liz Lisa
Everything else: Second hand stuff from Japan

And the last one...

Dress, blouse, rings, bag: Angelic Pretty
Tights, cat ears, kitty hair clip: random accessory stores in Japan
Shoes: Gabe's

And here are a few group shots and behind the scenes =]

Btw, she (up there in the pic with me^) has a cosplay facebook page you should check out!

And here's a link to Yenra's facebook and website!

I have soooo many things I need to post about soon! I helped a friend out with a movie he was making for the campus film festival, and I want to make a post for that with more details soon ;D I also have a bunch more posts from Japan coming up =]

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