Saturday, November 8, 2014

Blog: Because I'm really missing Japan of my trips to Tokyo that I didn't post about yet!

It seems like every single J-fashion blogger that I follow is in, went, or going to Japan right now, and all of their posts make me wanna go back =[  Like, I'm seriously considering a fashion grad program in Tokyo after I graduate.


I went to up to Saitama for Jer's friend's birthday party, then explored Tokyo a bit the next day.

This part of Saitama is out in the countryside, so lots of farmland and rice fields! You can hear the frogs in the water at night.

These last 2 pictures were the train ride to Tokyo from 2 hours north.

We of course went to Harajuku and went to my favorite ramen restaurant (so far) Ichiran, which is actually a really famous one that we discovered by accident the first week we were in Japan!

Super cute bus! XD <3 Only in Japan....

Nothing beats the feeling of leaving the train station and seeing this before you...all of my favorite things in the world!

I ate at the Wolfgang Puck here and the food was so good!

♡❤♡ Cute fashionable people everywhere ♡❤♡

Yes, CONDOMania is exactly what you think it is....

And here's Ichiran!

You pay for your food and get a ticket outside.

And then inside you customize your ramen!

Neko Man! Still not sure if this guy's cats were real, fake, or taxidermy....

This store is Laline in Harajuku, which is my favorite lotion brand!

I miss Harajuku so much!! I remember one time I went wearing Lolita, and so many people stopped to take my picture! I really want to have more of a chance to absorb and explore Tokyo! I love Nagoya, and got to find so many of it's hidden jewels and secrets, but there's so much more I could do and see in Tokyo. 

We of course also went to Akihabara =] This sign is on an escalator, and I've tried to get a picture of it before, but it was too blurry...this time I got it! This is the only place I've seen this sign.

I love these machines! So many cute things! They have バナナインコ (Banana Parrot)! Now they've come out with a mushroom version and I want them sooo bad!!

Maid cafe! They have like 50 of them all over the place here XD This is the same one I went to the first time I went to a maid cafe in Nagoya.

Akiba at night!

That's all I have for now! There's still a lot I haven't posted from Tokyo yet though, so keep watching =]

♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡

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