Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween! Costumes Around WVU Campus and Swing Dance!

I've been starting to take pictures of fashion around campus, but since yesterday was Halloween, I decided to take pictures of costumes that people wore to class! I think the fashion posts will be a monthly thing, until I start getting a lot of pictures though =]

 One of the first people I saw that morning...definitely a good start to the day!

Of course there were quite a few good costumes in the Creative Arts Centre for the short time I spent there that day.  I'm sure if I wanted to hang out there for awhile I would have gotten MANY more.

One friend dressed as the Joker, and the other as what the Joker is when he isn't dressed up XD

 And here are people I ran into throughout the day before I had my last class

These guys even had their lunch as a tea party!

 It was nice to see people even dressing up for class, from just parts of their costume to full blown complete transformations!

Since I've been low on time and money, I used my favorite steampunk model Kato as my inspiration, and threw this together from my closet!

I also helped out some of my friends with their makeup

Here's some pictures from the dance!

Well, that's it for now!

♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡

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