Sunday, January 17, 2016

Diary: Current Blog Plans and New Year Resolutions!

Hello everyone!

There hasn't been too much to blog about lately, but I'd like to try get back into it! I will go to Japan after I graduate college to live and study there, so I will have plenty to blog about then, and maybe even a short trip this spring.  But for now I'll try to do some reviews of makeup and contacts and whatever, my photography, and photo shoots to get back into it!

I guess I can add blogging more to my New Years resolutions list...along with:

1. Wear makeup more often and experiment/get better at it
 2. Study Japanese more, and be a better student in general
3. Get more organized
4. Do more photography and modeling
 5. Draw and design more
6. Blog!
*7. Friends!

Basically, be more motivated to do everything I like and want to do, and bettering myself in every way I can. I've been getting worse and worse with being motivated, especially for school and things I don't super like doing, and even for things that I do enjoy doing.  

Yay, first post of 2016! =D

 *Edit: I decided I needed to come back to this post and add this. I hope this semester keeps going well, and I can manage to get a job, not fall behind with school work and want to give up on it, and become closer to my new friends and continue with my old ones!  I should add making/hanging out with friends to my New Years resolutions...over the past year, I've lost and grown apart from, and made and sort of lost again, the few rare people I could call best friends. I'm very picky about who I call a 'best friend.'  I can't even exactly explain what it is, I have so many good friends and acquaintances and good people in my life, but there needs to be a little something else there.  I think I may have met some new people who have potential to be really good friends, maybe even a best friend. I don't know.  I don't realize how much I missed having this until I feel something close to it again.  A best friend can feel almost like falling in love or going through a break up!  Is that weird? Is it just me?

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