Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Blog: First Snow Pictures!

Hello! :)
 Here are some pictures I took from a random, mini snowstorm last week. The snow was gone within 2 days.  I think there's a possibility of  a really big snowstorm at the end of this week according to the weather though!

First of all, here's a close up picture of just the snow, because the morning sun made it sparkle! In the first picture, I brought up the saturation to make it have a bit of a pastel rainbow, and the second, I did the opposite so it would be pure white.

And here's some frosty grass I saw before the sun hit that side of the hill in the morning!

...aaaand that's all for now! Just a snowy teaser! It's currently snowing now, A LOT, so maybe the predicted super snowstorm is here earlier than be ready for some more snow pictures coming up.

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