Monday, February 1, 2016

Review: Zenni Optical Glasses

Zenni Optical has all kinds of glasses for super cheap prices, and if you know your prescription information, you can get prescription glasses too!  The prices range between $10 and $50 with most being around $20-$30.  I seriously just want to get a bunch of different ones to wear with every outfit!  But for now I'll stick with these two

First are these pink ones (Browline Eyeglasses 4414419)
which are kind of my everyday ones, currently.  They actually pinch my nose slightly, but it's not distractingly noticeable.  They are also I think slightly big for my face.  Not that they don't stay on or fit well, just that my face is small I guess? ^_^ They just look like they are a bit too big. But, I think they're cute and I've gotten many compliments on them.

These ones are obviously not good for everyday. (Prescription Heart-Shaped Glasses 4420218) They do work with a lot of my wardrobe though. Plus, Valentine's Day is coming up and I can definitely wear them then! I just HAD to own a pair of heart shaped glasses that can actually help me see.  They don't pinch my nose like the other ones do.

And the prescription on them is perfect, even though they are so cheap! I can see and they are good quality.


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    1. Oops, guess I should have put that in there too... :)

  2. I really want to order the heart shaped ones... can you tell me if the glass looks thick in person and which thickness you got??