Monday, January 25, 2016

Blog: Winter Storm Jonas

Here's my best photos from Winter storm Jonas!

Pretty icicles

This one was right when the snow was finally stopping and the sun was trying to come out. I like the creepy end-of-the-world look of this picture.

Morgantown's High Street! The snow definitely didn't stop students from exploring/fun/partying...

As you can see here, WVU students know how to make the best of a snow day! Sledding and snowboarding down the streets!  Also there were some people throwing snowballs out their windows at people walking by...

This picture really shows just how much snow we actually got.

Well, back to school tomorrow, but this was a really fun storm! I adventured out in it a lot, got two extra days off of school, got a lot of pictures, and went sledding!

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