Sunday, February 28, 2016

Diary: Discovering and Realizing Dreams

I found this amazing dress at Goodwill the other day.  It's real silk, made in India, and full of intricate beading.  I can't even imagine how much this must have originally cost!  I'm so curious as to what kind of person had this in their closet, and how it ended up at Goodwill for only $15.  

I see crazy fancy dresses like this and vintage stuff all the time at stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army.  Even though I have no idea where to appropriately wear it besides in a photo shoot, (and I might just wear it to class because I love it so much), I got this dress, and it made me discover what one of my dreams is.  I just really want to collect clothing!  Not just to wear, but like how a person collects art.  Of course, I will wear them too, and do photo shoots with the ones I can't wear in everyday life as much.  (That's also one of the reasons I want to live in Tokyo, I feel like I can wear my style, even some of the crazier stuff, outside and be accepted.) 

I just love having like a library of clothes. I don't like getting rid of them if my style changes or whatever, because when I (very rarely) do, I will come back to thinking about whatever it is I got rid of, and other ways of wearing it with the new clothing and styles I've accumulated since then. I want to have a library of  all kinds of clothes from all around the world.  Plus, when you can find dresses, quite commonly at second hand stores, that should be hundreds of dollars for only $15, I can create an amazing clothing library worth waaaaay more for pretty cheap!

One issue with this dream is my plans of moving to Japan...Japanese housing is notoriously small, plus travelling with all of the clothes I have now??  Probably very difficult.  I am torn between my dreams of moving so far away and having a big collection! D:  Well, not really torn, I am DEFINITELY going to live in Japan somehow...

Idk, if anyone has any advice, opinions, ideas, or suggestions, feel free to comment! :D I will find a way to make this happen someday though!

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