Monday, February 15, 2016

Lens Review: Dolly Eye Segoi-Pearl Prime Brown

These are the Dolly Eye Segoi Pearl Prime Brown Contacts!  I discovered contacts like these a few years ago, (called Showmix, or maybe that was the brand's name) but the website I found them on didn't have them in prescription, and then I could never find them again.  I also couldn't find many reviews of them.  After years of searching online and even in contact stores in Japan, I finally found these ones just like the ones I found from before, but from a different brand.  They are glittery!  Like actually glitter! I'm so happy I was able to find these again, since I have been looking for so long.  

They are less comfortable than other contacts.  Sometimes my eyes feel really dry or they're only comfortable for a few hours before I need to take them out.

The only problem with them is that one is noticeably sparklier than the other one, and it bothers me a bit. I thought that one of them was maybe inside out, but it definitely wasn't after I looked at it up close.  I still really love these though, and want to try another color!

I got them from Uniqso and here's the link

And here's a not so great cell phone video to see them in action!  Maybe I'll figure out how to take a better video with my good camera, and do a second review of these.  And take pictures of them with makeup on too!

*Edit* I took a better video of them in sunlight with my phone!

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