Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Shopping Finds: Salvation Army, Morgantown

Secondhand and thrift shopping is definitely my favorite kind! I've discovered so many new favorite brands, and learned an ability to be able to sometimes be able to tell an article of clothing's brand from afar before even looking at the tag. Most of the shopping I did while I was in Japan was the same.  Plus, prices are awesome, as long as you don't mind wearing something someone else has worn before

I'll start with shoes!  

While I have lots of nice high heels, they aren't very practical for everyday use, as much as I want them to be X(  So, I've been looking for cute, but everyday wearable shoes.  These are obviously better for spring/summer though.  Oh, and they're Korean!  I can't believe I found them at the Salvation army here!

And next are a nice pair of Converse!  I used to have a pair, but I wore them to death.  These are a little bit more appropriate for everyday and cooler weather.  Plus, I have a lot of pink and black in my wardrobe

AND THEN I FOUND MY MOST FAVORITEST PERFUME!!! Yes, the bottles are both more than half empty, but I paid $2 for each, and I have been wanting these for so long, especially the green one.  Way better than the like $60 for a full bottle

And finally this super cute shirt!

It says this at the bottom:

There's a Plato's Closet opening in Morgantown soon, and they're already collecting clothes! I think I'll bring some of mine there soon :)

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