Sunday, February 21, 2016

Blog: Warm Day at Cooper's Rock

I spent today's almost 70 degree weather outside surrounded by all beautiful people; my boyfriend, two best friends, and a few others.  Today was just too nice of a day not to share!  We all wanted to go outside and enjoy the day, but didn't really have any plans.  So, we just ended up together on campus, bumped into friends, then decided to go to Cooper's Rock, and everyone who has one brought their cameras XD

Here's before we went to Cooper's Rock.  I love how we all wore dresses and skirts without even planning what to wear together!

He is so beautiful <3

Then at Cooper's Rock

The bit of leftover snow made my toes numb though X(

I can't wait for it to warm up for real, so I can wear dresses without having to bundle up and we can go on more outside adventures!

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