Thursday, March 31, 2016

Blog: New York: Wandering, Street Art, Chinatown, and the Highline

I'll start off with New York, since that is where my Spring Break journey began!  We just wandered around, and I took pictures of whatever I found interesting.

We stayed in New Jersey right across the river, so we started our early morning by watching the sun rise over Manhattan

There were so many pigeons everywhere!

After that, we ventured out into the city and went to see the new World Trade Center building

After that, we wandered over to Queens, then to Chinatown before heading over to JFK to get ready for our flight!

We found this really cool Japanese grocery store in Forest Hills, but since we were going to be in Japan then next day, we didn't get much.  I wish there was a store like this near us! we have an Asian market in Morgantown, but this one was all Japanese stuff, and the cashiers were even Japanese.  This store had food, drinks, ingredients, snacks, and even beauty products, makeup, kitchen stuff, and many other little things

Then we went to Chinatown to prepare for our layover in actual China XD

And then we wandered around the city a bit more because we didn't wanna go to the airport too early for our 2am flight

Then, these next pictures are from after Japan, before we caught out bus back to Pittsburgh.  The bus station happened to be right in front of the entrance to the High Line, which is an old train line turned nature trail (here's a link that tells you about it!) The plants weren't really green and growing yet, and we only had about an hour, but it still looked pretty cool.  Our taxi driver from the airport was a cheerful, very talkative Indian guy who gave us a little tour and told us about some of the places we were passing, so that's how I found out that the High Line was right next to us!

I think my next post will be my short taxi ride through Shanghai at like 6am, then on to Japan stuff!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Diary: Back in America

Well, I made it back to Morgantown late last night, and I have a bad cold, and school today.  Definitely not ready to go back to school, all of my late assignments, worries, stress and classes I don't particularly like.  I want to be done with school.  I want to be able to stay in Japan. 

Why does life always seem to get in the way of life?  Like, I have to finish up school here, because it would be stupid to just quit when I'm so close to graduating, even though I don't even want to do theatre after I graduate anyway.  I just want to travel.  But I need this degree to continue to fashion school in Japan.  And what I need more than that is to get better at Japanese so I can pass the N2 level test!  But I never can concentrate on what I need to do....

It's only the first day back and I'm freaking out over the amount of things I need to do and worry about!  I'm such a horrible student, and I'm not even sure if any of this schooling is even useful for someone as lazy and a procrastinator as me.  But it makes the most sense.  School is just expected, the norm I guess, for someone my age trying to make something of themselves.  I worry that it's just a waste of time and money.  But then I remember all of the friends I've made here, and the opportunity to go to Japan I may not have had otherwise.  And I have learned some things.  But I'm so forgetful, it worries me.  I think I'm going to get checked for ADHD.  I should be in the costume shop right now getting hours in.  I should be worrying about my portfolio reviews coming up, but I haven't really done anything new for it this semester.  I should be working on my overdue papers that I can't find the energy, motivation, or words to write.  I should be passionately studying Japanese.  I should be starting to get my capstone project figured out.  I still need to unpack and clean and organize everything!  And I'm sick, and so tired.

I just want to blog, travel, wear cute clothes and makeup, model, take pictures, live in Japan, have a passionate love that lasts forever, good friends, and if I can motivate myself enough, become a fashion designer. These are all the things I want out of life.

♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡

Wow, so that was a lot deeper and more than I had planned to write... I was going to just say that I'm back and have so many posts to work on, but then the words just kept coming out.  I guess I needed to say these things.  Anyway, I will start working on all of the posts I have from Japan asap, so look forward to those!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Diary: Spring Break Japan Trip Goals!

Yup, you read that right, I'm going to be in Japan from the 19th through the 26th!  So be ready for many posts coming up from that. I probably won't post while I'm in Japan of course, because I'll be too busy trying to do everything I can in the short amount of time I have there.

I feel like lately my blog has been just posts about my look of the day, makeup reviews, and things from a long time ago that I didn't post yet, so this will finally shake things up a bit!  I've been so busy trying to keep up with schoolwork and other things that I haven't had time to explore or go on adventures with friends lately.  Plus I've been trying not to spend much money here so I can spend it in Japan!

I'll be in Tokyo for 90% of the time, and I'll get to meet my boyfriend's family and friends, and see more of Tokyo. I wanna see it from the point of view of someone who grew up there, and knows me well; what I have already seen, and what he thinks I would like to see.  Plus I want to see what and who made him who he is.  I want to see him in his natural habitat, where he feels comfortable and where his native language is dominant.  He's gotten to see my version of that, so now I can see his!  There are so many people that I want to visit, and places on my list I still need to go/revisit, but this trip is very short, so I'm leaving what we do, where we go, and who we meet mostly up to him!

We will also have one day in New York, and I want to show him (and myself) some of the places I used to know when I lived there.  I haven't been to New York since I was little, and it wasn't a good point in my life.  I'm curious as to how much it has changed, and how the older me will view these places.  I think my mind has naturally blocked out a lot of little things in my past (one reason why I take pictures of EVERYTHING now) and I wonder if they will come back to me or not?  Plus I'd like to find things that the current me would like in New York.

♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡

Anyway, here's a VERY rough list of a few things I will maybe do/see in Japan!

Kichijoji and Shimokitazawa in Tokyo
Kawazu in Shizuoka, which apparently has, early-blooming cherry blossoms (Link) (if not here, I will find cherry blossoms somewhere!!)
Yunessun (Link) (super amazing bath house/water park!)
Etude House in Harajuku
Try everything sakura flavored I can get my hands on

*EDIT* I came back to cross out what I completed from this list! Almost everything, yay! **

Nothing is really set in stone yet, so you'll see where I end up going when I post about it after! =D
Also, you could follow my Instagram and get a more real-time peak at what I'm up to!

♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡ ♡❤♡

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Review: Etude House Color Lips-Fit Lip Tint Wanna Fit Orange (OR202)

I've had this for a little while and I got it from Etude House in Japan.  I was going through a little bit of a phase/obsession with orange lip color at that time. XD  Anyway, this stuff is more like a liquid lipstick than a tint, as it's called, but instead of going from wet to dry, like liquid lipsticks tend to do, it goes from sort of oily-wet to a smooth, powdery dry.  I like how it's not like can't-move-your-mouth-dry, like liquid lipsticks sometimes feel.  It's very pigmented, and it smells like grapes!  A few different Etude House lip products that I have smell like grapes, actually.  I love the texture of this stuff, but the color can only be worn with a few outfit/makeup combos for me.  Definitely not my everyday color, but I like having even hard to use colors for me, because then I can get creative!  I definitely want to get this in another color!

Sorry, I messed it up before it dried a little bit!

Look of the Day: 6

It was a bit too dark for outside pictures, but we made it work! Skirt is Liz Lisa.

We always end up accidentally matching XD

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Review: NYX Butter Gloss in Cupcake

I've been wanting to try more NYX products for such a long time now, and I saw this at CVS and the color reminded me of the Too Faced Melted in Candy!  (I sadly do not own Melted, but I tried it in Ulta and loved it!)

Anyway, a few other bloggers describe the scent of NYX Butter gloss as either vanilla, lightly fruity, or like cake, but I think it's sort of a combination.  I think it smells like cherry blossoms, which in my opinion smell like vanilla mixed with a light cherry scent.  It doesn't have a noticeable flavor, it's not at all sticky, it's very moisturizing, and it stays on the lips well.  Obviously, since it's a lip gloss, it doesn't last long if you eat or drink.  It's pigmented and it does a good job of staying all over the lips. This stuff might be my favorite lip gloss ever, next to the Buxom ones.  It's a similar texture to those, but it doesn't have the added tingly bit.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Look of the Day: 5, and Mini Photo Shoot

Since it was warm and pretty today (and will be all week), me and Arianna decided to both wear our red lolita dresses today and sort of match!

Hehe, we always look the cutest when we're loving on each other XD <3