Thursday, March 31, 2016

Blog: New York: Wandering, Street Art, Chinatown, and the Highline

I'll start off with New York, since that is where my Spring Break journey began!  We just wandered around, and I took pictures of whatever I found interesting.

We stayed in New Jersey right across the river, so we started our early morning by watching the sun rise over Manhattan

There were so many pigeons everywhere!

After that, we ventured out into the city and went to see the new World Trade Center building

After that, we wandered over to Queens, then to Chinatown before heading over to JFK to get ready for our flight!

We found this really cool Japanese grocery store in Forest Hills, but since we were going to be in Japan then next day, we didn't get much.  I wish there was a store like this near us! we have an Asian market in Morgantown, but this one was all Japanese stuff, and the cashiers were even Japanese.  This store had food, drinks, ingredients, snacks, and even beauty products, makeup, kitchen stuff, and many other little things

Then we went to Chinatown to prepare for our layover in actual China XD

And then we wandered around the city a bit more because we didn't wanna go to the airport too early for our 2am flight

Then, these next pictures are from after Japan, before we caught out bus back to Pittsburgh.  The bus station happened to be right in front of the entrance to the High Line, which is an old train line turned nature trail (here's a link that tells you about it!) The plants weren't really green and growing yet, and we only had about an hour, but it still looked pretty cool.  Our taxi driver from the airport was a cheerful, very talkative Indian guy who gave us a little tour and told us about some of the places we were passing, so that's how I found out that the High Line was right next to us!

I think my next post will be my short taxi ride through Shanghai at like 6am, then on to Japan stuff!

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