Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Review: Etude House Color Lips-Fit Lip Tint Wanna Fit Orange (OR202)

I've had this for a little while and I got it from Etude House in Japan.  I was going through a little bit of a phase/obsession with orange lip color at that time. XD  Anyway, this stuff is more like a liquid lipstick than a tint, as it's called, but instead of going from wet to dry, like liquid lipsticks tend to do, it goes from sort of oily-wet to a smooth, powdery dry.  I like how it's not like can't-move-your-mouth-dry, like liquid lipsticks sometimes feel.  It's very pigmented, and it smells like grapes!  A few different Etude House lip products that I have smell like grapes, actually.  I love the texture of this stuff, but the color can only be worn with a few outfit/makeup combos for me.  Definitely not my everyday color, but I like having even hard to use colors for me, because then I can get creative!  I definitely want to get this in another color!

Sorry, I messed it up before it dried a little bit!

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