Thursday, March 3, 2016

Blog: Tricot Concert and Exploring Washington DC

Hello! This was from awhile ago during my blogging hiatus.  Anyway, my friend Chris introduced me to this Japanese band Tricot, and I really liked them, then, he said they were coming to The Black Cat in DC and he wanted to go see them! I think this was the first time I went to see a band that I actually had time to listen to all of their songs, get excited, and even learn some of the lyrics!  It was so much fun, and I went with some of my favorite people (Chris and my boyfriend, Takeru) which made it even better!  I'd also never really been to DC much, besides once before for another concert (Failure, who was also amazing! I didn't really know their music until right before the concert though) so I was super excited to leave early to explore a bit!  I'll start with the pictures from when we went to the Failure concert, though I didn't really get many pictures from the actual show because it was so big and crowded.  I did get a lot of pictures seeing and exploring DC for the first time though!

 Some typical touristy stuff

Murica unicorn

Then these were from when we went to see Tricot!  First wandering around the area

We found a poster for their show!

When we went out to eat.  I know it looks like he's strangling me here, but I was just lying down in his arms! I just think he looks super hot in this picture.  I however look like a derp

Then these are from the show

People's heads in the way DX

And here's a little cell phone video taste:

Anyway, I totally plan to go see Tricot again when I'm in Japan in the future!  It was such an amazing experience. I can't wait until I can see some of my other favorite Japanese bands live someday too! 

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