Saturday, April 2, 2016

Blog: Japan Day 1: First Meetings and Dinner with Aya

Only Takeru's aunt was home when we got there at maybe around 2 or 3 pm because his parents were at a concert.  She was so nice, and had a bunch of different sakura flavored things and tea sweets that she let me try!  One of my main goals in Japan was to try everything sakura flavored that I could get my hands on, and it's like she read my mind!  I will have a separate post with all of the different sakura things, so I won't post about that here just yet.  Anyway, she does Japanese tea ceremony, which is really cool, and I learned a bit about it last time I was in Japan at Kinjo Gakuin University.

After that, Takeru's friend Aya took us to a yakiniku place called Jojoen, sort of like a Korean barbeque.  It was soooo good!  She has pictures of us together, but I don't have them yet, so I'll add them here when I do!

After that, we went to a store full of all kinds of random stuff, from makeup, to toys, food, snacks, alcohol, clothes, accessories, and lots of other random fun things, called Don Quijote.  I got some Kit Kats, (for these I will also have a whole post dedicated to) sakura wine, and some candy, then later I got two really cute bra sets for like $10!  I guess I'll also do a post for all of the clothes I got too? Ahhhhh I have so much stuff to post about!

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