Sunday, April 3, 2016

Blog: Japan Day 2, Part 1: Around the Area

This day, Takeru showed me around his neighborhood and where he used to go to school.  We even went to some playgrounds he used to play at when he was younger!

This river has lots of cherry blossom trees, but they were just barely starting to bloom.

I thought this was a really cool, interesting story to share that Takeru told me!  Takaido Junior High School was given roses by Anne Frank's father after they sent him their impressions after reading Anne Frank's Diary, and they took care of them and they can be still seen growing here! Here's a link to an article about it that I found, but the link is kinda weird so I hope it works...

I love flowers, and reading Anne Frank's Diary in middle school is what inspired me to keep a diary for many years, which may have even led to why I enjoy blogging so much now!  I'm very forgetful about things that happen in my life (I don't like it, it scares me sometimes), and I love taking pictures, and sharing all of the things that I love and find interesting.  I'm not too fond of writing, but when it comes to memories that I'm trying to keep and/or share with others, the words just flow so easily for me. Anyway, here's the rose plant, not in bloom yet of course

菜の花 (field mustard flowers)

We stopped at a department store that had a little pet store inside it too XD

Then we went to Takeru's favorite ramen restaurant called Makotoya.  You first order and pay for your food using this machine thingy, like many restaurants use.

Then food porn! 

I ate was tonkotsu ramen, which I hadn't had since the last time I was in Japan!  It's not very common or easy to find in America unfortunately

The guys who worked there were nice enough to let me get a picture with them too!

I think that's all I'll include in this post, but this day didn't end there! I'm going to break this post up into two since this one is already so big and I still have a lot more.

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