Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Blog: Japan Day 2, Part 2: Shimokitazawa

Takeru said that I would love Shimokitazawa, and he was so right!  It might be my favorite place to shop in Japan so far.  There were so many secondhand and vintage stores there.  Of course there will always be a special place in my heart for Harajuku and Shibuya for shopping ♡

I even spotted a little bit of lolita there!

I found two Gunne Sax dresses at this store! This was one of my favorite secondhand stores for sure.  Really cheap and absolutely full of  cool clothes

After shopping, we went to a game center in Shimokitazawa to do purikura and play some games!

Japan definitely knows what a girly-girl like me wants and needs ♡ This little makeup corner is for getting pretty for purikura.  Lots of girl's bathrooms even have extra mirror sections specifically for doing makeup.  Some purikura places have some costumes that you can wear for the pictures too!

Also, in the purikura section of game centers, boys aren't even allowed unless accompanied by girl.  So, yes to cute purikura with boyfriends, but no creepy lurker guys! ♡

It was exciting to use my Nesica card thingy again and access my old account!

One of my favorite games!  He still beat me though....
I couldn't figure out how to change my thingy from being fries...also I did horribly, but I was so happy they had this song!

This is probably the best I've ever done at this game!
Before leaving Shimokitazawa and heading to an izakaya to meet Takeru's coworkers, we ran into one more cute, literally hole-in-the-wall, store that was having a going out of business sale, and we haggled the price down on a skirt from $150 all the way to $60!

Matcha flavored Baileys! One of the things that I wanted to try while I was in Japan. I was lucky to find it on the menu here.

What all I drank....
And that ends day 2 after a quick ride back home sitting on the back of Takeru's bicycle!

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