Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Blog: Japan Day 3 Part 1: Shimokitazawa and Italian Food

We went to Shimokitazawa again, because there was so much more to see still, and I loved it so much the first day!

This place was called the Garage Department, and it was a bunch of mini stores selling secondhand, vintage, and handmade clothes and accessories, kind of like a flea market!

I got an Axes Femme dress and an Anna Sui earring from here! I think I will make a post with more details and pictures of what all I got and where from. Unfortunately it might have to be mostly Iphone pictures because of my stolen camera though DX [link to post with that story here] I'll try to look at it as an artistic challenge... I want my camera! DX

This store had a lot of Gunne Sax dresses! I will also have a more detailed post about Gunne Sax in Japan, with maybe some links to their websites and pictures from inside the stores. ;)

After that, we took the train a few stations away to eat at an Italian restaurant where Takeru used to work

Right by the station

And that's all for the first part of day 3!

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