Monday, April 18, 2016

Japan: Mini Photo Shoots

First, I just had to take a few pictures of Takeru taking a smoke break in his natural habitat while we were in Shimokitazawa

And then he took my camera and got some of me at a Shinto shrine on the way back to the station!  I took some pictures of him here too.  This is definitely one of the things I love about Japan.  Just scattered all around the new cities, buildings, homes, trains, and hustle and bustle, you can literally just walk into the past.  These shrines range in sizes, and most of them aren't huge, famous, and full of people.

We got our little fortuney things, and I got the best one you can get! Takeru just got the regular one though XD I'll have to have enough luck for the both of us I suppose

The feeling at one of these shrines is similar to the calm, kind of peaceful feeling you'd get going into a church, or a beautiful naturey place.  Whether or not religion plays a role, churches, shrines, and nature do have that kind of feeling, I think.   It's really interesting to me, that a Catholic church in America, a Shinto shrine in Japan, and some beautiful natural wonder anywhere in the world can all have the same kind of feeling.  Just have respect and love for all religions, people, and nature is what I believe!

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