Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Morgantown Spring Part 1 and Look of the Day: Me, Arianna, and Cherry Blossoms

Don't worry, I still have plenty more things from Japan to post too!  I wanted to post this first one while it was still technically spring (though it seems to have reverted back to winter)...

Yes, Morgantown actually has real cherry blossoms too!  So many people are surprised or don't believe me at first when I tell them XD I didn't even believe it when I first heard about them.  

Anyway, this is my new Liz Lisa dress that my friend Aya got for me in Japan over spring break ♡ I love it! When Liz Lisa has other colors besides pink, white, and beige (as much as I adore pink) it's always so beautiful and unique! I'd have to say I like their lavender, blue, and of course pink colored things the best.

And of course my lovely friend Arianna accompanied me ♡

I have a few more Morgantown spring posts along with the rest of my Japan posts so keep watching for those ♡

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