Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Blog: Morgantown Spring Part 2: Cherry Blossoms and Other Spring Blooms

No one ever believes me that these are real cherry blossoms in Morgantown!  They always think that they are whatever those weird fishy smelling pear trees are that all all over town DX I will tell you that these smell just like the cherry blossoms that I've smelled in Japan, AND they are also Japanese person-approved-real. 

I will also tell you, to be careful if you go here (Hazel Ruby McQuain Park).  This is where my camera was stolen, and creepy people sometimes try to talk to me.  It's very sad that things like this must happen in a place so pretty and meant to be fun.  But please be warned and careful, and maybe go with a group.  I have had lots of good memories and times with friends here too!

Definitely cherry blossoms!  They even have the distinct almost heart-shaped petals

And then here are some cherry blossoms and other flowers I found around town and on campus!

Unfortunately, I think the random second winter-like cold got to a lot of the delicate spring flowers, but it's warming up now, so hopefully that means summer flowers are coming!

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